Thursday, July 23, 2009

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday, September 13, 2008

hello everybody!!

i havent blogged hardly at all,school homework,and training sadie are so time consuming!! it looks like all you are doing sooo grrrrreat with your mustangs.sadie is coming along soo well i can do all 4 feet by myself,with out her giving up a fuss.... most of the time lol she used to have a really bad habit of running away when she was on a lead rope in the yard and i had finally gotten her out of it...but it seems the closer the cometition gets the more she acts up! when we are in the yard i'll let her eat a little grass before we work in the afternoon and the other day she just spazzed out and rared up and kinda turned towards me,and it looked like her feet were gonna land on top of me! i usually hold on when she tries to bolt but i thought she was going to land on me so i let go and ran to the side..then she took off running.when i caught her i turned her in continuous circles[which by the way she did not like at all] and she went on like nothing had happened.hopefully with all the hoop-la at the competition she won't try to boly away seeing as its an arena and there will be a lot of open spaces!! im just hoping she surprises me and does good,cause other than the bolting away she does everything else almost perfect[if theres no grass to distract her:) ] and hopfully we can make it to finals she is sooo beautiful and will make someone the best hrse in the world! too bad i cant keep her we already have too many horses..but thats all i have for to you guys later:)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sadie Mae and Caitlyn

Hi everybody! Just joining in on all the fun you guys have been having blogging! Sadie and I are coming right along working as hard as the rest of you! she's doing grrreat.....Getting nervous as time gets closer. Will blog more later, got homework to do!